Ghosts of Saltmarsh

In the Pages – A review of Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Product: Ghosts of Saltmarsh

System: Dungeons and Dragons

Company: Wizards of the Coast

Edition: 5th

Release Year: 2019

Best Place to Get: Amazon

Book Type: Module Book

Can Get Used: Yes

ISBN: 9780786966752

Who needs it: DM


Like Tales from the Yawning Portal, Ghosts of Saltmarsh brings us 7 individual adventures on the sea. These kinds of module books are the ones I like. This means I get to run one part of the adventure any time I want. Need a transition to another continent? Poof, a separate adventure that only minorly affects the campaign. Not to mention you could tie all these adventures into a single campaign on the sea.

Sea adventures can be some of the most deadly encounters in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Aside from the monsters, you have to deal with the ocean. Throw in some undead and suddenly your adventurers may have taken on more than they can chew. Can’t swim? Can’t breathe underwater? In the normal world, these would be major problems, but within the magical realm of Dungeons and Dragons, spells can help.

This book brings not only the tales and adventures of the sea, but it also brings in 6  new magical items and 57 new monsters and NPCs. Not to mention further in-depth rules on sailing and ships. So happy sailing and beware of the Kraken!

This book contains the following revisited Modules:

  • The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (Originally 2E [U1])
  • Danger at Dunwater (Originally 2E [U2])
  • Salvage Operation (Originally 3E from Dungeon Issue #123)
  • Isle of the Abbey (Originally 2E from Dungeon Issue #34)
  • The Final Enemy (Originally 2E [U3])
  • Tammeraut’s Fate (Originally 3E from Dungeon Issue #106)
  • The Styes (Originally 3E from Dungeon Issue #121)


Expert Set (1e) / Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (2e)

This book includes the updated versions of the complete U1 to U3 series. I originally did not get to play them but I will definitely be doing a cross-comparison after reading this book.

Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition (3e)
Dungeon Magazine has always done a great job at 1 shot adventures. I am glad the 3E versions were not left out. I look forward to seeing how my players react to The Styes from the module book.


What people are saying 

While perusing the reviews on different sites have come across the following of what people are saying

  • New Backgrounds and options that tie in well with the book
  • Excellent Aventures and Locales
  • Good Sea Combat and Rules

Summoning it All Up

While perusing the pages I have noticed that some DM leg work will be needed, not much though, you will want to note the pages in the Monster Manual of the sea creatures the PCs will encounter. Overall though, a quite amazing read. I look forward to running my players unsuspectingly on some sea adventures when they cross the ocean.

If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself here is the link.

As always if you have suggestions or comments, please post below.

-Archon Del Noche

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