Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

In the Pages – A review of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

Product: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

System: Dungeons and Dragon

Company: Wizards of the Coast

Edition: 5th Edition

Release Year: 2018

Best Place to Get: Amazon

Book Type: Supplemental Rule book

Can Get Used: Yes

ISBN: 9780786966240

Who needs it: DM and PCs


Originally, when I read the title and got input from some other players I thought this was an NPC book. After reading it, I have found to be the most interesting addition to the D&D collection. This book puts some background lore in place for many creatures including the elves and dwarves.

In addition, this not an NPC book but an additional book on monsters and creating monsters. It includes some heavy-hitting stats for the minions of demons, demons, and other fiendish monsters. It also outlays monster background very well tying into the existing lore. (So if you have some of the other books related to the monsters, it is almost a fluid transition between the too)

This book is must for a DM who has player’s that think they have seen it all. The contents of the books, as well as the additional challenges it provides for players, make it a well-added addition to the collection.


Expert Set (1e) / Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (2e)

Think Fiend Folio, instead of Tome of Foes. This book is very akin to it.

Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition (3e)
This book may not delve into evil like the Book of Vile Darkness, but it does delve into the monster lore in the current edition.


What people are saying 

While perusing the reviews on different sites have come across the following of what people are saying

  • A treasure trove of high CR monsters
  • Title of the book is misleading
  • Careful Attention to Detail and overall presentation is exceptional

Summoning it All Up

Though I had my misgivings, in the beginning, this is on my to pick up list. Especially, when my players start reaching that higher echelon of monster hunting.

If you want a copy for your self here is the link.

As always if you have suggestions or comments, please post below.

-Archon Del Noche

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