Out of the Abyss

In the Pages – A review of Out of the Abyss

Product: Out of the Abyss

System:  Dungeons and Dragons

Company: Wizards of the Coast

Edition: 5th Edition

Release Year: 2015

Best Place to Get: Amazon.com

Book Type: Module Book

Can Get Used: Yes

ISBN: 9780786965816

Who needs it: DM


Out of the Abyss was my first introduction back into Dungeons and Dragons and my first PC experience in the world of 5th edition. You have heard me talk of my 5th Edition human rogue through many of my posts, this is the campaign setting that he was created in.

Out of the Abyss is all about the Underdark, players start out by being captured by the Drow and have to deal with the demon lords. This module book was fun to run as a PC, I look forward to bringing up at my family game night and running it there.

Out of the Abyss is a little bit different than other module books. Instead of episodes, it runs as chapters, this means that you can pre-setup when to start and stop it before even diving into the campaign. It also brings 6 new magic items and 31 new monsters and villains! This includes the dreaded Demogorgon and Zuggtmoy!


Expert Set (1e) / Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (2e)

With Temple of Elemental Evil still ringing in my head, I would have said the updates to Zuggtmoy are well done. Think of this combining a bit of The Night Below and Slave pits of Under City. I say bits because the module itself is very well done and is a completely different excursion.

Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition (3e)
Think of Expedition into the Demon Web Pits and then add in a Drow of the Underdark mixed in with the Fiendish Codex. Basically it is an under dark tale is woven in with demon lords. It really is its own adventure.


What people are saying 

While perusing the reviews on different sites have come across the following of what people are saying

  • Incredibly Imaginative and Exciting
  • Lots of Work for the DM
  • Complex Mechanics

Summoning it All Up

I have tried explaining it the best I can but really it is its own adventure. I would recommend playing it as a PC as a DM be prepared with your note-taking, there is a lot of statuses to be tracked.

One thing I liked about this campaign module from a DM perspective is the ability to change the rules a bit, not only does it give you some on the fly fixes but allows you mix up some of the basics in the book like bonds. This allows a lot more flexibility for running veteran players through. The thing I liked about it as a PC was it took some old twists and made them new. Not everyone in the Underdark is out to get you.

If you read this review and would like a copy of the book here the link.

As always if you have suggestions or comments, please post below.

-Archon Del Noche

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