Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

In the Pages – A review of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

Product: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

System: Dungeons and Dragons

Company: Wizards of the Coast

Edition: 5th Edition

Release Year: 2018

Best Place to Get: Amazon

Book Type: Module Book

Can Get Used: Yes

ISBN: 9780786966264

Who needs it: DM


I had seen this book several times as I was leafing through some of the other books when it came up on my list to review. I was originally skeptical about it. I mean we have all been to Waterdeep several times and we know about the seven (if you have been reading the books or been playing long enough) so a heist there might end up with the PCs versus some of the most powerful NPCs in the Forgotten Realm…….

I was pleasantly wrong, to some extent, the PCs are basically hired by Volo to find out what the tensions in Waterdeep are all about. Of course, PCs being PCs need to get paid and they are told about the one million gold coins that are somewhere in the city. The book picks right up after some adventures in the Tales of the Yawning Portal Module book, so characters start out in the Yawning Portal Inn! Not to mention, the PCs go up against some major villains from modules of the past and books we have read!

Once I started reading it, I had to go back and read it again because the module is designed to be played over and over with different endings. Do not get me wrong the base storyline is all about recovering and artifact and making gold on along the way but PCs can be put through it all over again with the right DM arc thinking. New characters with players that have played it before may not even see the ending coming if the DM plays it right.

This module books bring to the table some very interesting variations. DMs will need to bring their note pads along for the possible changes. It also brings Waterdeep and the Yawning portal even more to life with some maps and a sketch of the Yawning Portal! Not only that it brings 12 new Magic Items and 52 new friends and foes!


Expert Set (1e) / Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (2e)

The closest I can get to comparing this Module book is to Waterdeep (FRE3) and that just because of that module’s baseline. This is a completely new adventure that brings Waterdeep to life.

Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition (3e)
.Sorry 3E, 5E has you beat. With the exception of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Books, I do not remember any module that puts you in the heart of Waterdeep. That is of course except for custom adventures.


What people are saying 

While perusing the reviews on different sites have come across the following of what people are saying

  • Well Organized book, Easy for the DM to keep track of play
  • Multiple Villian Story Line is a negative
  • Easy and Entertaining Read detailing the Waterdeep Area

Summoning it All Up

DMs Bring your notepad, this book is section into 4 parts that the players could go through based on decisions both you and the players make. The flow charts, in the beginning, help a lot. Also, you might want to make sure that the PCs have run through at least 1 or 2 of the Tales of the Yawning Portal Module book. That way they are a little bit familiar with gameplay if they have never played before.

Veterans will love the back story and details that are given in the book. There is plenty of things to read the PCs as the adventure unfolds and it will make you have to choose which path you go on.

If you read the review and would like a copy for yourself or want to review it yourself here is the Link.

As always if you have suggestions or comments, please post below.

-Archon Del Noche

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