Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

In the Pages – A review of Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Product: Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

System: Dungeons and Dragons

Company: Wizards of the Coast

Edition: 5th Edition

Release Year: 2018

Best Place to Get: Amazon

Book Type: Module Book

Can Get Used:  Yes

ISBN: 9780786966264

Who needs it: DM


At first look, I thought this book was going to be something that I could use as an intermediate adventure. Then I started reading it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was an Undermountain Tale of epic proportions. For those of you who do not know or have to experienced the Undermountain modules before, Undermountain modules where some of the most fun and dangerous modules to run as a PC.

With that said, this module book is no different. 23 Chapters of Whirlwind adventure await those who run this campaign. So this is not that one shot you were looking for. Gear up your 5th level character because it is time to delve into Undermountain once more. This book details the 23 levels (hence 23 chapters) in great length. As an added bonus they go over Skullport.

This book brings to the table a couple of months worth of gaming, so DMs be well prepared. It also brings 12 new monsters and NPCs. The reason for such a low new monster count is because the dungeon relies on the Monster Manual heavily (Keep that in mind DMs). This module book goes over a lot from the original modules and adds in new twists.


Expert Set (1e) / Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (2e)

We all remember the box sets. Ruins of Undermountain, Ruins of Undermountain II and the modules  Undermountain: Maddgoth’s Castle, Undermountain: The Lost Level, and Undermountain: Star Dock. My group spent a lot of time in Undermountain, so continuing the Saga I will keep with tradition and run my group through the latest version of it.

Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition (3e)

Undermountain tales have been in every edition since AD&D, 3E is no exception with Expedition to Undermountain. So if you liked that adventure, this one will blow your mind.


What people are saying 

While perusing the reviews on different sites have come across the following of what people are saying

  • This is a massive dungeon crawl
  • Legwork Needs to be done by the DM
  • Each level plays like the final dungeon of an adventure in terms of scale, danger, and of course, boss fights.

Summoning it All Up

After reading through the module, I look forward to running my players through it. Most of them have done an Undermountain module or two. I love the fact they included The Worm’s Gullet and maps of the Skull port area. Veterans and newbies alike can now experience the Undermountain saga in a new light.

Keep in mind this module is designed as a dungeon crawl, meaning there is a very basic story arc to it. That means DMs will have to get the adventurers hooked and do some leg work on the dungeon (as always we have to tailor it to our PCs).

If my review has made you want to take a look at your self here is the link.

As always if you have suggestions or comments, please post below.

-Archon Del Noche

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